Friday, January 25, 2008


You know, I expect a lot more from Danny Boyle. This film is a lot more The Beach than 28 Days Later. There are a lot of interesting concepts at work, but the film drags at a Solaris pace that begged for some editing or a few more action pieces. Though I can't knock it to much, as it does give a nice role to the criminally underused Michele Yeoh. There is a scene towards the end that made me think Chris Evans just took the role as an inside joke (though he and Michele were the only two actors who were really given emotional beats.) And just what are we supposed to make of that ending? And interesting attempt that falls flat, I give it 3 Dead Clowns.


The most surprising thing about this movie was the score, which was well done throughout. I agree with Brian that the acting was unexpected, but the dialogue was unatural in some scenes. The pacing is terrible. There were moments during the movie that it felt like a day by day diary of their 16 month journey.

Put up with it (that's what the fast forward button is for) and you'll get a good sci-fi thriller.

3 1/2 Dead Clowns


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