Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shine A Light

After seeing this in IMAX, I can’t imagine seeing this in a regular theater or on the small screen. Brilliantly shot by Martin Scorsese, you are on stage with the Rolling Stones. More often than not you are looking out at the audience. There is still magic in the elder statesmen of rock, still a swagger in Mick’s hips, a hint of madness in Keith’s glare. Only Charlie seems to have loosened up over these many years. Ron still has the look of someone who can’t believe he’s there. After nearly 20 years I don’t quite understand while Darryl Jones hasn’t been made an official member of the band.

The set list is Some Girls heavy; possibly because it’s such a New York record. And considering they were out promoting a new disc, A Bigger Bang, it’s shocking to find no songs off it in there. I guess since it was a benefit show, they stuck to older fair. Keith is a mess for the most part, but then shows signs of brilliance as when he pulled out a 12 string for As Tears Go By. Mick is in shockingly good form, both in voice and with his manic stage prancing. My only real complaint is that there is some needless vamping at the end of certain songs, most notably Tumbling Dice and Sympathy for the Devil.


4 Dead Clowns

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