Saturday, February 2, 2008

Knocked Up

Knocked Up is well written and directed. (it's a shame Judd Apatow's only black mark is Fun with Dick and Jane) Seth Rogan carries this movie, although I was pleasantly surprised by Katherine Heigl's comedic ability. The supporting cast was strong, I only wish they had written stronger dialogue for Jonah Hill's character. While the movie was strong overall it did have some slow spots, but there were scenes where the movie could have gone on for another hour.

Definitely worth renting although I enjoyed Superbad much, much more. May be a tad on the graphic side for some. You’ve been warned.

4 Dead Clowns


I agree: Superbad is the better movie. Leslie Mann steals this movie. The best scene is when she and a club bouncer get into it. Great stuff. The problem with the Apatow crew (as with the Stiller crew) is that they seem to think beating something into the ground makes it funny. It doesn't. This drags on a good half hour too long.
I'm talking away a Dead Clown!


3 Dead Clowns

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