Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Triplets of Belleville

Written and directed by Sylvain Chomet the Triplets of Belleville is a French animated film that tries to redefine the category. It does not have either the stunning scenic animation of Japanese Anime or the fuzzy/cute characters of American animated movies. The Triplets is a simple yet poignant story of grandmother doing anything to make her orphaned grandson happy. It is also a social commentary on the over development of the Parisian suburbs/countryside and the consumerist driven over-indulgence of America. (The reasons many people have said they hated this movie.) The animated characters are gangly, grotesque, and over exaggerated, but they are extremely compelling relying on emotion and the environment instead of dialogue to tell the story. Wonderfully executed overall, the Triplets of Belleville is an under appreciated movie.

4 Dead Clowns


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